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1.  Unroll your canvas and make sure you have:       tray, wax glue pad, pen and all resin beads       listed on your color guide.


4.  On your canvas, pull plastic sheet back to           the designated area where you will be               placing your resin bead.  If you happen to           place bead in the incorrect area, a tweezers       can be used to remove the bead to be                 placed in the accurate area. Make sure you         keep the plastic sheet covering your canvas         until totally completed.  This keeps your               canvas free from debris that could stick to the       glue surface of the canvas.

20190120_150731 (1).jpg

 2.  Pick the color bead you want to start with            and pour in tray.  If you shake the tray back        and forth gently, many of the beads will fall        in the grooves. You want to be sure you pick        the beads up from the rounded side of the          bead, not the flat side. The flat side is the            side you will be placing on the canvas.


5.  When the designated pattern area on the           canvas has been covered with resin beads,         place the plastic sheet over the picture and         either weight it down with heavy books or           go over the picture with a rolling pin to               ensure that all beads are thoroughly set in           the glue.  The canvas can then be framed. 


3.  Pull thin piece of plastic back on wax glue pad         and dip the end of your pen in the glue. Pick up         resin bead from tray. Only re-dip pen when               beads are not sticking to the end of the pen.             Make sure you keep the plastic cover on your           wax glue pad while completing the project.

I hope you fall in love

with 5D Diamond Painting as much as I have!

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