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Play Super Mario Run 2 on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free and after you purchase the game, you will be able to play all the modes with no additional payment required. You can try out all four modes before purchase: World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder.

super mario run 2 download

Super Mario Run received overall positive reviews by critics. Reviewers generally praised the game's replay value and addictive gameplay, though common criticism was directed towards its comparatively high price in the mobile market, as well as its required connectivity to the internet. With 50 million downloads, it became the most downloaded mobile game in the first week. The total figure of downloads was 300 million as of September 2018[update].

App-tracking service Apptopia reported that Super Mario Run was downloaded 2.85 million times on the day of its iOS release, while grossing over US$5 million.[74][75] The title had 40 million downloads over the first four days, surpassing Pokémon Go as the most downloaded mobile game in the first week of release; that week's figure totaled over 50 million.[76] App Annie estimates that about one million of those downloads lead to the user paying for the title, with 55 percent being from the United States, earning $14 million in sales.[77] The iOS version of Super Mario Run was the tenth most downloaded app in 2016[78] and the top downloaded free game in 2017.[79] With the company's end-year report for fiscal year 2016, which ended on March 31, 2017, the combined downloads for Super Mario Run across iOS and Android was approaching 150 million,[80] and climbed to 200 million six months later.[81]

Despite these numbers, the game missed some of the anticipated metrics, particularly in Japan. On the Monday following the game's release on iOS, Nintendo's and DeNA's stock price dropped over seven percent due to its poor market reception.[65][82] By December 26, Super Mario Run was no longer the top grossing app in any nation, though remained one of the top downloaded apps in 63 countries. Nintendo's stocks had dropped over 18 percent within the first two weeks of release.[83] Within three weeks, market analysis firm Newzoo estimated that the app had been downloaded over 90 million times, with approximately $30 million in revenue from the roughly three percent who had purchased the full game.[84][85] Wall Street Journal's Dan Gallagher stated this conversion rate represented the difficulty in convincing mobile gamers to purchase content.[84] Nintendo later reported in a total of 78 million downloads, with more than five percent paying for the full game, by January 2017 in fiscal year earnings report. This generated 6 billion ($53 million) in revenues from the game.[86][87] The game sold 4 million paid downloads by this time.[88]

Nintendo was anticipating that they would obtain 10 percent conversion of app downloads into full purchases, and noted in February 2017 that twenty countries account for 90 percent of the game's revenue, and that within those countries they were approaching this 10 percent conversion rate.[89] However, Nintendo's president Tatsumi Kimishima was disappointed the next month, when the revenue from the iOS version failed to fulfill the company's expectations.[90] Nintendo's next mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes, released two months after Super Mario Run and which used the freemium payment approach, had only 10 percent of the previous title's downloads, yet had outperformed it in overall revenue by the end of Nintendo's fiscal year 2016.[91] Kimishima said that Nintendo had learned several lessons in development and releasing of mobile games from Super Mario Run.[81] Kimishima said that "we honestly prefer the Super Mario Run model",[90] though in a June 2017 investor question-and-answer session, he said "in the future we will consider not only a single set price, but other methods that incorporate a wider variety of elements that allow as many consumers as possible to play", suggesting that Nintendo's mobile strategy may move away from the pay-once model.[92]

Within days of the game's App Store release, journalists noted a number of unofficial video game clones that appeared on the Google Play store, which they believe was prompted by the lack of an Android version of Super Mario Run at the time and allowing developers to take advantage of uninformed consumers. In at least one case, an Android clone contained malware designed to collect sensitive information from a player's device.[93][94][95] Super Mario Run was the most-downloaded game for Android devices in 2017.[96]

By July 2018, Sensor Tower estimated that Super Mario Run had generated a total of US$60 million.[97] As of September 2018, the game has been downloaded and installed on about 300 million devices worldwide, including 10 percent in Japan.[98]

Mushroom Kingdom fever took over more than half of the 150 nations where Super Mario Run was available. The game, where you play as the moustached plumber dashing and jumping through 90-second courses to collect coins and make it to the flag at the end, has been downloaded up to 5 million times in its first day, according to app analytics company Sensor Tower.

While the game is free to download, it costs $9.99, 7.99 or AU$14.99 to unlock its full features. The game has earned more than $5 million from in-game purchases since its release. It's the top grossing app across 30 countries thanks to its in-app purchases.

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But although the game's been downloaded millions of times across the world, players aren't spending more than 20 minutes with Super Mario Run each time they pick it up. The average play time with the game is about 15 minutes and 30 seconds per session.

Super Mario Run received 3.5 million downloads in its first day, eclipsing another highly popular app game, Pokémon GO, which had only 900,000.[14] It has reached the No. 1 spot in the App Store's top grossing and top free charts in the United States.

During an October 2017 Financial Results Briefing[15], it was reported that the app had been downloaded more than 200 million times worldwide, with 90% of the downloads being from outside Japan. Despite the large amount of downloads, it was also stated that the game had failed to reach an "acceptable profit point."

Since September of 2016, when Tim Cook and Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage at Apple's annual Keynote to announce the arrival of Super Mario on mobile devices, the hype surrounding Super Mario Run APK, the first game for smartphones and tablets developed by Nintendo, hasn't stopped growing. The highest moment came in December when, after several months of wait, iOS users were finally allowed to download the game to their iPhones and iPads. And ever since then, we've all asked ourselves the same question: when will we be able to download Super Mario Run Android? The much-awaited moment happened in March 2017.

Well, since we can download Super Mario Run Android, leaving Pokémon GO and the portable game console Switch to one side, we can stop trying to imagine what it's going to be like and try out all its features by ourselves.

In the first place, and following suit to the iOS version, it's a free-to-download game, although that 'free' isn't totally true because we'll have to make an in-app purchase to get hold of the full game. Therefore, to play all 24 levels, we'll have to pay a price just under 10 euros.

In November 2016, Apple started the most powerful teaser campaign a mobile game has ever had by promoting the upcoming Super Mario Run (SMR) in the App Store and encouraging players to sign-up for it before launch. A month later, on the 15th of December, Super Mario Run was launched worldwide on iOS and the numbers were jaw-dropping. 10 million downloads during its first day. 90 million downloads before a month had gone by. And revenues of over $30M during its first month. All this while being exclusive to iOS.

While I personally believe in the superiority of the freemium model compared to the paid model, I do disagree with the pessimism of the analysts bashing Nintendo. The way I see it, Super Mario Run made four decisions which allowed it to gain an extraordinary return on investment while making a game that they're masters at.

Super Mario Run is a vintage platform game categorized by two-dimensional graphics and a player controlled character jumping or climbing between solid platforms at different positions on the screen. There are two key usability components, which allow SMR to play beautifully on touchscreen devices. Firstly, the touch controls are simplified and streamlined to allow the game to be played using only one hand. As Mario auto-runs, a player is only controlling the jumping of the character. Secondly, the usability breakthrough is the session length as SMR caters to all kinds of session lengths from super short to hours long. By limiting each level to only 90 seconds, the game fits perfectly to the common short mobile session. At the same time, there are no mechanical restrictions, such as lives, to keep players from binge playing Mario for a much longer session if they choose to do so.

Firstly, a paywall immediately pushes away the overwhelming majority of the players who downloaded the game. Pay-or-leave is, in my opinion, pretty much an outdated business model that focuses on immediate returns and fails to recognize the value of growing an active user base. While most of the players may not monetize directly they are crucial for overall monetization of the game.


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